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Sure, solutions exists to help you manage your business, but there is only one low-cost immigration specific solution that uses tools you already know and love like Google Drive™ and Calendar™.

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Articles about working in Library

Updating New Forms in Your Custom Cases

Question:  A new version of a form is available in Lolly Law.  What do I need to do? Answer:  If you have custom case types, you will need to remove the old version of the form and add the new version as default. Old forms will be marked ‘Expired’. Steps Go to Library>Case Types Edit your custom case type (A star will [...]

Todd LevesqueTodd Levesque

How To Use Template Files in Library

This article describes a method for storing boiler plate documents in Google Drive and then using those templates to stamp out new documents for a particular Contact or Matter. First, save your template in Google Drive under the Lolly Law/Library folder.  It may be useful to append “TEMPLATE_” to the file name so that others [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

Create Custom Workflows

This section pertains to Administrators Within the Lolly Library is a page for “Case Types”.  These are the boilerplate workflows you can use to expedite setting up a new matter with tasks, milestones and forms.  Administrators have the ability of not only modifying existing templates, by creating new ones specific to your firm’s desired [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque