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Lolly Law

Sure, solutions exists to help you manage your business, but there is only one low-cost immigration specific solution that uses tools you already know and love like Google Drive™ and Calendar™.

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Lolly Law


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What is ‘Standing’

For most firms that handle client payment plans, it is very important to monitor each account and catch those clients that may be falling behind on the payments. If you enter the terms of the repayment plan and also log the receipt of payments, then Lolly can assist with monitoring the account and simplify some aspects of that effort. [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

What is a ‘Holding’ account?

Sometimes it is useful to track receipt of funds from the client that are for non-billable expenses such as filing fees. If your firm accepts these funds and holds them so that the firm can pay those expenses on behalf of the client when the time comes, then recording the the funds as ‘holding’ payment may be useful. This [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

Milestone Billing

Milestone billing is a type of flat fee process where an agreed upon amount is charged upon completion of certain tasks or events. In a traditional flat fee billing, the contract amount would be owed at the start of the case and the client would either pay it in full or agree to paying in installments. Most of the time these installments [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque