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Lolly Law

Sure, solutions exists to help you manage your business, but there is only one low-cost immigration specific solution that uses tools you already know and love like Google Drive™ and Calendar™.

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Lolly Law


General support articles for resolving common support inquiries.

Clearing Browser Cache

From time to time there is a need to empty temporary files the browser may store in local memory. Clearing browser cache has several benefits, not least of which is ensuring your browser gets the most recent version of the web app and may even speed up the service on your machine with the additional memory. Here is how to clear your [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

Excel Documents Appear Blank

Microsoft made an unannounced patch (KB3170008) to Office Excel end of July 2016 that prevents web tables with xls extension from opening. This affects all files of this type on the internet and not just those downloaded from Lolly. Users who have installed this patch will see a blank screen when opening the file. There are no error [...]

Todd LevesqueTodd Levesque

Troubleshoot – Drive Folder Inaccessible

Because Lolly connects to other Google services using the OAuth 2.0 framework, it makes it easy and fast for the system to automate actions like accessing a folder or creating an event on the calendar. But occasionally, the OAuth system might invalidate or expire your token. When that happens you might see something like this: This [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque