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Lolly Law

Sure, solutions exists to help you manage your business, but there is only one low-cost immigration specific solution that uses tools you already know and love like Google Drive™ and Calendar™.

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System log and updates to Lolly Law

Fields Available For Document Automation

Below are the current “placeholder” values currently supported by Document Automation. The first column [Scope] indicates where the data is located in the system and what it is about. The second column indicates the exact field that should be put into your custom document template where you want the system to place data. You [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

How to use Document Automation

Introduction Document Automation is a feature available to all users of Lolly Law. It allows for users to populate their own documents with data from Lolly Law. Some examples of common templates are: Contracts Welcome Letters Reminders of Events Case Closure Letters Creating a Template Locate and open an existing template you use Locate [...]

John LevesqueJohn Levesque

Form Bulletin

Form Additions and Changes Make sure to update your custom cases with the newest versions.  Read the how to -> Added 09/12/2016 I-192 Revision 06/10/2016 Added 09/07/2016 I-601A Revision 07/29/2016 Added 08/30/2016 I-129S Revision 06/02/2016 Added [...]

Todd LevesqueTodd Levesque